Paul Evans @themonk4

There goes the slight hope of staying, signing for la Galaxy is to be announced shortly

Andrew Chard @chardstar2

So its looking like PSG will be trying to get sissko from newcastle we need to get in there first the man is a real class act

Jacquie La Touche @jac13

It looks like this smoking malarkey is more common in the world of football....

Omar @omarlfc

Now people lets get serious. Gerrard is 34 and is about to receive "silly money" from a club in the US. That's the crux of it and if anyone thinks it don't matter to him, well it does to everyone and especially to the rich! He'll be back to the Reds in a few years in some capacity so relax..

Animal @thehaminal

Shaquiri would be a good signing for me.. He can very well on both sides of the pitch which would be a good thing to have with injuries,players away ect.. Good effective cover in 2 positions

Bullet Witch 6 @bulletwitch

Sting is quite a good darts player !

Harry Harris @harryharris

when are we going to see Harry Wilson (17) blooded... two goals at the weekend for the u-18 academy side... youngest player ever to represent Wales at senior level

Perry Smith @elpel

Frustrating .. All this waiting to buy .. Well me for one don't think we will ... They will off load before they will buy just to see how much funds will be available and who poch wants not what we all want ?? Be patient Yiddos .. You know the saying .. All good things come to those who wait

John Cavanagh @rowettsbluearmy

Does anybody know if Berahino has a criminal record? He could do jail time for this

John Sharp @john1996

LVG says his first 6 months haven't come up to scratch I disagree LVG done a fantastic job we sit 3rd in the table LVG had a terrible injury crisis don't think he's bin able to put all the players he brought in to the first 11 yet and were defo going in the right way

Josh LFC Myatt @lfcmyatt95

Never use caught offside as a source for transfers, always fake stories on there!

Matthew White @mkw78

For me Shaqiri is just like Coutinho who just needs to work on his finishing. I would only get Shaqiri if Coutinho has decided he has had enough and he wants to leave

Jeff Hutchinson @hutchy74

BREAKING: AC Milan ready to sell midfielder to Manchester United for just £10m! Is he worth it?

Anwar Abusrewil @aabusrewil

Barcelona have a transfer ban, don't expect any players leaving until the ban is over, expect Song to go back, let alone Messi leaving

John Sharp @john1996

Manchester evening news reporting bid made for hummels the evening news usually spot on with united stories so fingers crossed

Azher Idrees @aza88

Replied to myself lol

Josh LFC Myatt @lfcmyatt95

So true!! Carra spot on again!

Dom Harold @bigdaddidom

Cannot beleive all the crap gossip about messi

Andrew Wells @wellzy95

Mail reporting that we r interested in brown ideye

Les Elliott @julieles1

Why don't we get messi why don't we get Ronnie why don't we get half the MADRID side why don't we just wait and see who they are going to for

Ben @weretheparklane

Why go all out to poach Southampton's head of recruitment if we don't plan on recruiting in Jan. Could have waited until the summer. Says to me we will be doing some business

Les Elliott @julieles1

I don't remember Spurs men saying they want bony it's just our fans wanting him I think

Roy Townsend @rtownsend

Just a bit p i ss e d off that world football is run by people/countries/ continents that have very little history in football or much to offer to football apart from some £$€'s!!!

Juan Ochoa @juan0choa

I think the day is coming where either Giggs or LVG get off the bench and start ringing players on the pitch

Dave Grossman @davegrossman

Very conflicted about where Duke should play. On one hand the experience in NHL can only sharpen his game though he will struggle at times and won't play much. On the other, he plays all the time and on 1st PP team in the juniors and can focus on improving without any risk.

Greg Collins @bighand01691

Don't want bony. Obviously only wants to play in the champions league......sorry I meant he only wants to be paid big money to sit on the bench.